It was a great party. I loved every bit of it.  Starting from dinner time - aka U!Dinner

I couldn't have done it without Irene and Chiara, our amazing chefs. They designed an amazing almost-farm-to-table menu!   Special thanks to Kim, Alessandra, and Carlo for the essential side work!

Soup is served!


Dinner was great, food was delicious!


My short speech went well considering the room was full of crazy Italians haha Thanks for making the moment entertaining!


And lovely Najah sang for us. It was really a magic moment.

Then everyone else arrived and joined the celebration - aka U!Night (get it?). 
Joe Marson took the stage. Even with a cold and a bagel-sliced finger, he sang for us and gifted us with great emotions.

Then it was DJ Riv time. He made us dance with some great revival music.

And we took some great portraits! You can tell I was pretty excited, look at my face!

Finally, one of the moment I enjoyed the most. Joe, Jimmy, and myself taking a quick selfie for our Californian brother Josh. Look at what a great evolution the picture took. 


At the end, I accomplished what I really wanted to do. Celebrating the people that surround me every day, and making my NYC experience the most fulfilling and rewarding ever. Thank U! for being who you are.

See you next year for U!Party #2 - aka U!2