Mauro Clerici - Writer and Producer



Hi, Mauro here. I'm the crazy guy behind this whole production. During the day I'm a Health Coach and Colorpuncture therapist in NYC where I also live with my girlfriend and partner in crime Alaina. Producing a project of this size is challenging if you have never done it before, and it requires a lot energy and money. Thanks in advance for any help you are going to give us and enjoy the images of beautiful food and Italy! You can find out more about me here: and



Alaina Sinopoli - Blogger & Behind-the-Scenes Production

You can find out more about Alaina at


Mamma Franca - Awesome Mom & Professional Foodie


Olivia Booker - Tour Director of Photography

Olivia is an artist and documentary filmmaker based in Northern California.  She received a Bachelor's in Studio Art from Davidson College, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Documentary Film at Stanford University.  Olivia has worked on a wide range of film projects, but her passion lies in nonfiction storytelling.

Chelsy Mitchell - Series Producer

Chelsy Mitchell is a Brooklyn-based producer and filmmaker. She received her BA in The Arts from Eugene Lang College and her MA in Media Studies from The New School. She works directly with creative professionals, non-profit and youth-oriented organizations. Chelsy is currently collaborating on several projects that range from narrative short films to documentary series.

Danielle Sheppard - Web Design

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Evan Garfield - Cookbook Chef

Get more info about Evan's place in Brooklyn 267

Evi Abeler - Cookbook Photographer

Rafael "Raffaello" Villapont - Illustrator and Artist

Rafael is a talented Venezuelan artist. As an English teacher ....

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#BeepBeep is our official Car To Farm mascot- the "cinquecento" in miniature size that you see in every video and picture across our production. It represents the Italian vacation from the 50's, when people overloaded their car to travel to sea side for their summer break (Ferragosto).