When I was a kid, my mom and I would take road trips in a small Fiat car, up and down hills, curve after curve, exploring Italy’s beautiful scenery's. We would look for small, family-owned places that would remind us of home. Our fondest memory, of course was the food...which was nothing short of amazing! Some 30 years later, I will drive her from North to South and back around on a journey that will take us to local agriturismi, restaurants, and small trattorie. This time, though, we're going with a new mission- to discover a healthier, homemade side of Italian cooking! 

Starting July 27th myself, my mom and my girlfriend and blogger Alaina from Tavola For Two drove around the peninsula meeting old and new friends along the way. At the end of each visit, we asked our host to give us a quick and easy recipe using a few, fresh ingredients that can easily be made at home. See the map showing the itinerary we followed.

Tour Live Map

The recipes, stories, and inspirations gathered from these culinary experiences will then become a cookbook later on this year for all to enjoy. The tour was a success. You can see some picture below and also at the Instagram's #cartofarm page 

On March 23, 2016 we launched our own Indiegogo fundraiser. You can see the progress in the box below. So far we are thrilled that we received about 15% of the help needed to finish post-production of the series within the first week from launch day! Click on the box to go to watch the campaign video!

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