Originally started as just a culinary road-trip vacation, Car to Farm is a project that was born out of the idea to further explore the homemade side of cooking in the Italian countryside by creating a web-series and accompanying cookbook.

Most of the actual production has already been done by Mauro's personal resources. However, what's left is the most important part- the storytelling! (also known as post-production.)

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  • Video Editing: the most time-consuming component, many hours will be invested in translating material to find the perfect combination of images and conversations, so that the content can be an enjoyable experience by our English and Italian speaking viewers!
  • Soundtrack: this will help set the tone to make all the different scenes unforgettable. 
  • Cookbook: shopping, cooking, and shooting the food recipes in the studio with a professional photographer, designing the layers and illustrating it with amazing cartoons and graphics that will appeal to all readers.

If we don't reach our target, the money that is collected will be used to move the project forward, while respecting the perks distribution as promised.

If things go extremely well and we go above-and-beyond our target, we will use the money to enhance the marketing campaign leading to the publishing of each episode and the launch of the cookbook. 

No matter what the outcome, THANKS A TON for your contribution and support. I hope this project serves as an inspiration to anyone who embarks on their own production despite having a small amount of resources available.

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