2015 is The Year to Stop Eating (processed food)


"How to get fat without really trying" is a documentary that aired in 2004. Still not much has changed since then, in the food production industry. Corn subsidies are still being supplied by the US Government. This is one of those documentaries that you watch and that makes you wonder whether you should stop eating altogether. Don't fret though. The solution is simple: avoid processed food whenever possible!

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Happy watching!


As you can tell this can be a bit overwhelming to take in all at once. Some of the information you already knew, and some comes as a surprise. One thing is clear: our bodies cannot sustain eating stuff that wasn't meant for assimilation by our genes and organs.

Are you ready to fight back?


The author of this article, Mauro is the founder of blog Don't Stop Eating, and he is currently a 2015 graduating student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Mauro offers a 6-month coaching program called STEP ONE