[ART] A Look Inside the Insides of Fruit and Vegetables


After seeing these images of fruit and vegetable under the magnetic waves of a MRI machine, you can never being accused of not seeing things with a different perspective ever again!  

That's the singular way that Andyan MRI technologist at Boston University Medical School, chooses  to warm up the MRI machine that he operates at the university's Center for Biomedical Imaging department. (MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging).


Andy also generated animated GIF's, that look even more mind boggling !


After seeing these images, I can't stop but wondering how this new perception of food relates to studies carried out by Steve Gagnes's Food and Energetics, and what European scientists have been researching as reported in my past blog post We Are What We Eat.

How is this changing the way you look at food ?


You can see more of Andy's images and animated GIF's on his blog at http://insideinsides.blogspot.com/