[INSPIRATION] I'm Taking The Plunge!

Based on a post originally written for LiveInTheGrey.com by Mauro Clerici

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Contrary to popular belief, taking the plunge with something completely new in life doesn't have to be a scary affair. Like I recently explained to a friend who is wanting to do the same: "Changing the way we live for something we really love doing sometimes feels like jumping out of a plane, and that needs practice...and a parachute!", I joked. Yes, a parachute. And courage, tons of it, of course. Even though a certain degree of danger is always included, who says that changing life has to be thoughtless and hurtful? 

I remember like it was yesterday when my teacher handed me the college guide that had a list of jobs that I could pursue once I finished my schooling. Fast forward 30-odd years later, and even though I had a successful career in the intriguing and well paid world of Digital Advertising, I realized that it was NOT the direction I should have chosen, or the career I should have picked as soon as I finished school. The truth is, only a few of us are lucky enough to choose that one career, that one passion, that will seamlessly propel us through a lifetime of happy and successful milestones. Luckily that desire, that passion to do that something or to be that someone that you were meant to during your lifetime, will never fade away.

In 2008, after I moved back to NYC, I realized that 2 things were a constant in my life: friends and food. Being part of a large Italian community, food and dining are a very important part of my lifestyle. Food is life. We are what we eat. Alike my friend at Tavola For Two, I celebrate the art of dining every day, it's part of my culture. Having previously explored the country 's sustainable movement (Provocative Nation), I realized that the planet sustainability and food economy were somehow meeting in the middle. I wanted to explore that further.

 Photo from American Landscapes - Mauro Clerici 2010 ©

Photo from American Landscapes - Mauro Clerici 2010 ©

Once I learnt that about myself, things started to happen and unfold in front of my eyes; I signed up and became a certified Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I took the plunge and jumped out of that plane with a parachute, I quit my full time job and took in exchange a part time role that allows me to concentrate more on my real passion, allowing me to study my new field further and giving me the opportunity to create my newly founded blog earlier this year.

From here onward, I feel, it is going to be a more challenging but a confident road toward the destination I've chosen and filled with genuine passion.


Mauro is the founder of online food magazine Don't Stop Eating. He also is a board certified  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a graduating student at the US Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute. Mauro offers a 6-month coaching program called STEP ONE, and he promotes living and doing what we love best.  Mauro is also an Ambassador at Live In the Grey, which promotes living and doing what we love best.