Don't Get Burned This Summer

To the joy of most of us and possibly the detriment on some others (as rare as that may be), summer is finally upon us. It is that time of the year when we all want to play Calvin Harris’ song. All around the world… in the northern hemisphere, people gather to enjoy the endless blue skies and the rising temperatures. Friends stay up later nights, summer flings begin, families hit the beach, and sunburns rise. Yeah. I just went there and said something not so positive about summer. 

Have you ever gone out in the sun thinking you were protected with sunscreen only to end up with a nasty burn? Or maybe you didn’t wear that sunscreen? Yes, we have all been there. We cannot always avoid the sun hiding under shades… and what is the fun in that anyway? Well, do not fret. There are brands of sunscreen that are great for your skin, and the tips by the Environmental Working Group will make it easier for you to discover them. If you didn't already know, the EWG is a non-profit, and non-partisan American organization dedicated to the environment and human health... sounds like a noble cause right?

EWG and DSE advises that sunscreen should be the last item to your list, the tip of the iceberg, the icing on the cake. It should never be the only thing you do to prevent burns!

Here is a breakdown of their tips: 


It is hard to cover yourself with clothing when it is JUST SO HOT OUTSIDE! Right? but you can find some light and fresh clothing to cover your body while still feeling cool and stylish. It will reduce your risk by 27%


If your plan is not exactly going to the beach for a tan, then why not planning your outing early in the mornings or late afternoon? You will avoid the sun’s angrier hours which are from 10 am until 3 pm.


So you mean you really want to have a picnic at 3pm in the park with your friends? Ok.. then try sitting in the shade! You will get better pictures (trust me on this), and you will be reducing the risk of multiple burns by 30% according to the EWG.


Ok so you don’t want to be that person wearing the shades everywhere they go trying to look cool. We all know who I’m talking about, that guy with the sunglasses at the club, that girl with the sunglasses indoors. Yeah. Sunglasses are necessary though, they protect your eyes from UV radiation - they are not just a fashion accessory. Maybe just don’t wear them indoors. 


Did you know that a UV index exists? No? neither did I; but its awesome. You can check it out in the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website and plan accordingly. It will definitely make a difference. 



Some commercial sunblock brands may be actually doing your skin more harm than good. Here is a guide that thankfully the EWG provides. Yes they are awesome, and you are welcome. 



Why not making your own sunscreen? You can do that? Some may ask… well yes, you can. The recipe from wellness mama includes ingredients like coconut oil, almond, and Shea Butter. Oh it all sounds so wholesome! How wonderful right?

Summer, we are ready for you!


Elizabeth Otaola - A Venezuelan-born and a food addict, her interest in cuisine and nourishment goes hand in hand with her passion for cultures and traveling. Her biggest dream is exploring the world one restaurant at a time while learning about food and the effects it has on our lives. Elizabeth's personal blog is found at