[TRENDING] Dishwasher Cooking: Cook while washing dishes

I always tell people how proud I am of my immediate family experimenting with all sort of cooking techniques over the years. For example, my father used to dry salad using the spinning cycle of his dryer machine, and my aunt had been making tea but dropping bags where you usual put coffee grinds in american coffee machines. Brilliant ideas. But when I heard of dishwasher cooking, I thought it was a joke. Then I read further and I realized it is a whole trend of its own kind. Dan Pashman's from Sporkful recently wrote about it, and Ophra offered the tip on how to cook an entire lunch composed of salmon with noodles and asparagus. Italian author and tv chef Lisa Casali wrote an entire cookbook about it; her recipes show how to cook from couscous to fish and even dessert! I had to try it myself so that I can brag with my father and my aunt that me too did something they could be proud of.

So, how does it work?  You can use aluminum foil, airtight jars or food vacuum bags, similar to those used to cooking in a sous-vid appliance. Food basically will get poached by the hot water filling the appliance. My general preference is to stay away from anything plastic, so I planned to use a jar to cook the salmon dish I set to prepare. In one jar I dropped in: two filets of salmon, some coriander, some fresh ginger, fresh pitted olives, cherry tomatoes, and topped it all up with salt, pepper, half lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil. I cooked some small rainbow potatoes, dandelion, and asparagus on the side. Food that need lower temperatures will be better suited for the task as the dishwasher can get only so much hot, with temperatures topping no more than 140 to 150 Fahrenheit. 

While some recipes might call for a longer cooking time, with thin filet of salmon the 1-hour cycle is enough to cook the fish. Make sure that the lid is very tight so that no soap gets in the jar.

I turned on the dishwasher first thing in the morning so that my lunch was ready to take to the office. The fish was nice and tender, all of the flavors combined nicely in a delicate way.

Pro-dishwasher cooking people assert that by cooking your food while washing your dishes you will be more environmental friendly, but I personally think it is more of a nice way to impress your guests! 


Mauro is the founder of online food magazine Don't Stop Eating. He also is a board certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Esogetic Colorpuncture therapist. Mauro offers a 6-month coaching program called STEP ONE, and he promotes living and doing what we love best.  Mauro is also an Ambassador at Live In the Grey, which promotes living and doing what we love best.