Contributing Author: Monica Vadi
Translation and adaptation: Mauro Clerici


Three years ago I started a journey studying a new holistic approach to health that has changed my personal and professional life in very important ways.  Today, I’m a certified colorpuncture therapist and I apply what Ive learned with enthusiasm and with incredible results. So things went down like this...

After my studies in traditional Chinese medicine, I was looking for a holistic approach that would work with the same principles, but without the use of needles. As the Yogic saying goes: When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears. Thats when I found and started to studying the art of colorpuncture.

Colorpuncture is the result of scientist Peter Mandels discoveries; his international school was founded to spread the new holistic practice from Germany, Mandels birth country, to the rest of the world. When I first signed up to the course, I was expecting a physical approach to wellness, with a twist on energetics. After the first lesson, I realized that I was going to explore something much broader and more fascinating.

  Photo by  Demis Albertacci

Colorpuntcture is an advanced technique leveraging the much more known acupuncture points of pressure and meridians, without the use of needles. Instead, via the use of small wands emitting colored light, the patients skin is purposefully targeted with vibrations of colored light. The use of colors to cure is far from being new though; many ancient colonizers like Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Aztecs already used color as a therapy. What makes this modern technique special, is the ability to complement the most ancient knowledge with the most recent modern biophysics discoveries, confirming that its results are extraordinary; at last, what before could have been labeled as wizardry or seen as a skeptical practice, it can now be confirmed with more empirical evidence.

Starting from the first years of the900, quantum physics has begun changing the Newtonian way of thinking of classical mechanics. Albert Einstein demonstrated with his famous formula E = mc2 that energy and mass were the same thing. In a simplistic way, it means that everything surrounding us is energy. The table, the computer screen, the chair we are sitting on, the car we are driving; everything is made of energy. We, human beings, also are made of energy, and so are our organs and cells. Healthy cells emit a harmonic and ordered flux of light, while the diseased ones emit one that is non-harmonic.

A malfunction in a living organism might not solely be tied to a specific organ or system, but can also be tied to the energy that the organ or system is made of. This would explain why, at times, resorting only to conventional methods to resolve the issue might not be sufficient, and even reductive in its approach.

Thats where the therapeutic elements of Colorpuncture come to play. Through the use of a pencil equipped with prism-shaped quartz that emit different colors and therefore different frequencies, the frequency that promotes healing is sent to the diseased cells. Due to an effect called bioresonance, the cells emission of bio photons is reset to harmonic, and therefore to a healthy state. It is the same mechanism used to tune a musical instrument using a diapason tool.

Thanks to Pyshics Nobel Prize Carlo Rubbias revolutionary discoveries today we know that only considering information tied to matter, means we miss approximately 1 billion bits of information tied to that specific point. Mr Rubbia has demonstrated that this fact is a natural constant and it always holds true. In practical terms: if I try to understand my stomach ache only by examining an x-ray, I will only be looking at one billionth of the stomach system; what we would miss is really quite a lot!


That is why, techniques that focus on energy can be effective in eliminating the cause where conventional medicine might only temporarily suppress the symptoms. Traditional medicine focus on the sole matter of our body, where techniques like Colorpucture address the problem from the energy point of view. Obviously,  the understanding and acceptance of these new concepts requires you to being open-minded to other possibilities of healing.The modern world as we know it is in constant evolution, and so the discoveries and concepts being used anew everyday by everyone; limiting ourselves to old concepts is limiting to say the least. Once accepted this reality, our approach to life might change forever, as with other relationships such as with food and medicines.



The author of this article, Monica, is the founder of blog Generazione Bio, where she share her passion for holistic medicine and natural remedies, practices Colorpuncture, and specializes in pain, sleeping, dreaming, cosmetic therapies.


This article was translated and adapted in English from it's original Italian version, which will is also available on Monica's website below.