[NEWS] Brasil recognizes the importance of prenatal Nutrition

As if we don't worry enough about our adult selves, now science is telling us that what our moms eat and how she behaves during the 1,000 days of pregnancy up to when babies are 2 years old, is instrumental for the development of children. These 1,000 days are a period in the life of children which are the most important for growth and development. That's when, scientists say, we can make a difference and prevent certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and hypertension.

Enough evidence has been provided that the Brazil government decided to run a campaign with very suggestive images portraying women breast-feeding their children with drawn images of an hamburger, a soda drink, and a doughnut; the other breast, paired by the message "your baby is what you eat".

Focused on education and prevention,  this campaign targets moms during their pregnancy period, bringing awareness on protecting their children from obesity and diet-related illnesses. This could potentially reduce medical bills, and as a reflection, help cut the country's spending on healthcare procedures. Pretty smart if you ask me! 

News source: Sociedade de Pedatria do Rio Grande do Sul