[GUIDE] How to organize your fridge

The fridge seem to be the most often disregarded modern object living in our kitchen. Nowadays everyone in the civilized world has one. When is the last time that you were taught how to use it? I can't honestly remember, and I think I need a refresher myself. Fortunately there is plenty of resources out there, and I put it all together for you to review.

Ready? Let's see what I discovered during my search.

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[NEWS] A more natural approach to food coloring

Even though artificial colorants are deemed safe by the FDA, it seems that the whole processed food industry is moving toward changing their products formulas to include mostly if not uniquely plant-based ingredients in the future.

Let's see what are some of the creative approaches that companies are making to adjust to this new demand.

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[NEWS] Brasil recognizes the importance of prenatal Nutrition

Like it wasn't enough worrying about our adult selves, science is telling us that what our mom eats and how she behaves for the 1,000 days from pregnancy to our 2-year old age, matters in many ways, and affects us all in  the long run.

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[REVIEW] Brooklyn Brittle - A Crunchy and Unique Flavor

It was a surprise to discover that my lovely neighbor Joanna in Brooklyn owns Brooklyn Brittle, a cookie company. But the best part of this great discovery is that Joanna and her business partner Gemma's cookies are  top notch quality and their philosophy goes hand in hand with my idea of Food with a capital F: freshly baked by local people, carefully made with selected and healthy ingredients, produce only in small batches to keep the cookie always fresh. You can't have more than that in one small bag!

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