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Eating on a budget may not be glamorous, but eating under $4 a day is sensational! And thanks to a New York University’s Food Studies graduate project is now possible.

Leanne Brown, the author of Good and Cheap, designed her cookbook for low-income families in need, as well as for those who don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen. With this concept in mind, Brown wanted to encourage people to take joy in good, vegetable-centric food that just happens to be healthy. For the same reason, nutritional values are omitted on purpose.

Good and Cheap is different from all other cookbooks as it offers recipes as suggestions and inspirations rather than an undivided rule to execute them. The book also invites you to replace ingredients with what’s currently in-season and available locally. One thing that I personally always do is buying fruits and vegetables that can be used in multiple meals; that saves me money and push me to be creative with what I have left in the fridge. For example, I buy spinach in bulk, because this vegetable can be easily added in a breakfast omelet as well as in a chicken dish for dinner.

There is many more ways that you can use to save money while eating healthy; check out my previous blog post describing 11 ways to eat organic on a budget.

The cookbook includes several categories; I selected a few of my favorite recipes for you to try out. Make sure to go back to Leanne’s website as she periodically updates her cookbook with new recipe ideas.

Being that I’m normally not a breakfast person, I like eating something light, and the yogurt option is appealing to me; I usually add in strawberries and blueberries, but Leanne’s tip of adding a touch of honey or peanut butter  to create a more flavorful breakfast is hard to turn down - under $3 per serving.

A recipe that grabbed my attention for lunch was the Taco Salad. This lunch idea includes very little ingredients, takes little time to prepare, and it can easily carried to the office in a container - about $2.60 per serving.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 11.31.43 AM.png

As I tend to eat light during the day, I'm usually inclined to eat  more at dinner time, but I don’t want to go to bed feeling heavy; Leanne’s Spicy Tilapia with Lime is perfect for that purpose. You can also  throw a few more into the pan to make a batch and conserve for later use - about $4.50 per serving. Add some Spicy Green Beans as a side and you are golden - about $0.65 per serving.

Empanadas are a great snack idea, they are great as an appetizer to prepare at home and carry around with you. ThIs vegetarian version is packed with healthy proteins such as eggs and broccoli - $0.60 a piece

These are just some of my personal favorites from the book, what are yours?
You can download the full cookbook here.




The author of this post, Rashidah is a 2014 Cornell graduate in Media Communication who has a strong interest in food ethics and always strive to integrate healthier practices in her life.  She is a mentor at Unlocking Futures  where she helps transforming the lives of disadvantaged youth.