About Mauro

Being Italian for me it means eating well and consciously, cooking meals for myself and for friends. Knowing that food feeds not only our body, but also our minds and emotions, we, as a community treat food with respect like we would with a good friend.

I support and strive to consume home-prepared, locally-grown, seasonally-picked, and sustainably transported food. 

In my past life, I explored and documented sustainable living across 22 states, from East to West and back to NYC, to understand what sustainable really means to America's communities between the 2 coasts, and in  the process learned what it means to me.

In May 2015 I received my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I'm currently an Ambassador of this amazing school that has prompted me to start yet another rewarding career in my life.

I currently offer a 6-month program, as well as individual & group workshops on how to make more educated food and lifestyle choices. My niche markets are high-school and college students, and expats. Email me for more info.

If you never heard about it, Live In The Grey promotes living a life doing what you love doing best. I encourage you to read my story, and to sign up to their newsletter!

mauro at dontstopeating dot com


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Mauro is a certified INHC

Mauro is a LITG Ambassador

Mauro is a social influencer on Sverve