In this age of sensorial overstimulation, information overload, and instant gratification, it is easy to confuse truth from false, good from bad information. We scan through headers and subtitles, we listen to editor's opinions without making our research; most often we get influenced by whatever is published on the internet as the "golden truth".  Given the propensity of mass media to sell us the dramatic and sensational version of a story, it can get confusing and overwhelming very quickly. "That" ingredient or product that we eat everyday suddenly might be the cause of cancer in a recent study. Suddenly we get obsessed and stop eating rather than eat something that could damage our health. Truth is, there are ways to stay informed with the right information, and feed yourself with the correct nutrients. One way is to keep listening to your own body & mind.


Food is not only what we ingest by mouth. Food is anything that our body and our mind absorbs or come in contact with and that will affect our energy. Food is also for our eyes and our ears. The combination of what we ingest, absorb, hear, see, and feel, make us overall healthy and influence the way we live our lives. Being smart about food, or Food Smart, means that  we understand what our body and mind wants through our own continuous individual research and learning experience. 


Don't Stop Eating is an online magazine that explores food and all its aspects, from politics to personal stories, from art to everyday consumption. Don't Stop Eating is also an invitation to a new way of thinking; its content wants to be a provocative reminder that we are all different and the same all at once. We should be aiming at endless exploring, without becoming obsessed, creating comforting and healthy routines, yet surprising ourselves with new things all the times.