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Mauro Clerici is the founder of Don't Stop Eating. He is a board certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. His desire to share what he has learned and to help others is inspiring him to continue on his path and continuing studies in similar fields such as Holistic and natural remedies like Colorpuncture.

Mauro also  works with expats to help them make healthy life style choices when relocating to the USA. Later in 2015, he will launch his workshops program Healthy Abroad.


Monica Vadi is the founder and editor of Generazione Bio, an Italian website born out of the necessity to share her passion for holistic medicine and natural remedies. Apart from her studies in Classical Chinese Medicine, Monica is a certified Peter Mandel's Colorpuncture practitioner, and she specializes in pain, sleeping, dreaming, cosmetic therapies.

Monica was previously a successful radio speaker at a local station in Turin (Italy) where she also currently works and lives.

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Elizabeth Otaola is a graduate in International Affairs and Communication Studies from Northeastern University. A Venezuelan-born and a food addict, her interest in cuisine and nourishment goes hand in hand with her passion for cultures and traveling. Her biggest dream is exploring the world one restaurant at a time while learning about food and the effects it has on our lives. Elizabeth is currently focusing on exploring (and indulging) her senses in one of the most restaurant filled cities in the US: New York.

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Alaina Sinopoli is a dreamer, a romanticist, and a creator. She aims to live each day with gratitude and creativity. She also the founder and blogger of Tavola for Two - a place where company, culture, and conversation are celebrated over the dinner table. She is on a mission to promote “what’s old is new again”—aiming to shift the focus towards spending time with friends and loved ones, while making healthy, natural meals in the comfort of one's home.

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Rashidah Daniel is a 2014 Cornell graduate in Media Communication who has a strong interest in food ethics and always strives to integrate healthier practices in her life.  She is a mentor at Unlocking Futures  where she helps transforming the lives of disadvantaged youth.

She is also Don't Stop Eating's Social Media Strategist Intern.